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Ottawa, Ontario

At BRAZEAU SELLER LAW, we operate as a family of legal counselors with particular emphasis on business law. We are first and foremost committed to our clients' best interests, providing the highest quality client service and solutions.

When we formed in 1989, we designed our firm to function like a business, to better serve the needs of business people. Today, we have forged long-standing, working relationships with business people in virtually every sector of the Ottawa community, offering a full range of services for owners, entrepreneurs, managers and professionals. And, we have the great advantage of having Global Reach on behalf of our clients, due to our membership with Meritas Law Firms Worldwide (

Approximately 20 years ago, our firm created a sister firm that practices exclusively in personal injury law and other insurance litigation – Howard Yegendorf & Associates. Several years ago, we made a decision to restrict our personal injury practice to catastrophically-injured claims, including brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and fatal accidents. Most of these claims are motor vehicle accidents, and the lawyers have extensive experience in litigating both the tort side of such claims as well as the infinitely-evolving and complex world of accident benefits litigation.

In addition, in 2010, we started another sister firm, Wyllie Spears Labour Lawyers LLP a labour and employment law firm with experience in proactively and professionally helping unions and workers. Wyllie Spears has also recently expanded their firm to include Sports Law, representing various Federations of Sports in their decisions when athletes appeal their ranking or inclusion in competition. With a partner who is an ex-Olympian, and an Associate who has been a sports author of various magazines, it was a natural expansion of their practice.

Equitas Consultants is our management consulting sister firm. Equitas was developed specifically to provide hands-on expertise and assistance in the areas of ownership and leadership transitions, family and business communications and dispute resolution. Rather than viewing any one individual as its client, Equitas views the overall business and family collectively its client. We do this to maintain our objectivity and credibility with the key stakeholders which in turn allows us to help preserve the business and family relationships without the need for court proceedings. Equitas consultants helps businesses and family with challenges such as governance planning, shareholder disputes, Succession Planning, and Business planning which makes Equitas a natural area of growth for our firm.

Given our wide range of practice areas and our sister firms, we believe that the articling experience at BRAZEAU SELLER LAW is unique. Articling students are given the opportunity to work with all lawyers in the firm – whether it be under the BRAZEAU SELLER LAW firm name, Wyllie Spears, Equitas Consultants, or Howard Yegendorf & Associates.

What sets the BRAZEAU SELLER LAW group apart is the quality of our relationships, both with our clients and each other. We recognize and value diversity. Our lawyers consistently deliver efficient, assertive and responsive legal representation that confirms our commitment to being the best lawyers our clients have ever worked with – period.

Contact Information

700 - 100 Queen Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 1J9

Primary Contact:
Ms. Tricia Smith
Senior Manager of Operations
700 - 100 Queen Street
Ottawa, Ontario (ON) K1P 1J9
Phone: 613-237-4000
[email protected]

Secondary Contact:
Mr. Harold Feder
700 -100 Queen Street
Ottawa, Ontario (ON) K1P 1J9
Phone: 613-237-4000
[email protected]